Monday, 28 October 2013

New hope for Ahnaf and Amru

Last weekend (27/10/2013) me and my husband attended a short briefing on the special programme conducted by MR Fendi a.k.a Mr Kataki for students of S.K Desa Aman.

This is not a compulsory programme but when we read the letter from the organizer, this would beneficial for Ahnaf and Amru. This is more on the motivational programme for six month (once a week) that aimed for improving English, Mathematics and Sciences. The approaches that will use is more on motivational and "learning" is fun approaches.

As highlighted by Mr Kataki, to be good in English we have to improve our vocabulary. And this will be stressed during the two hour session. And parents are required to buy the Star newspaper as the support materials for the kids.

What made us excited with this programme is in one session, each kid will require to do public speaking in English.. which is VERY GOOD for Amru (the most shy person in the family) and it will boost up Ahnaf's self-esteem (as he is keep worrying on his skin colour - adoila..)..

We pray that this programme will have great impact on both of our heroes. And Umi and Ayah also will benefit on this programme to improve our English as well..

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